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Best Gifts for Witches - Holiday 2021

With the holiday season right around the corner, and with the rise of #witchtok there's a good chance you have a witchy friend or family member to shop for. Well we're here to help you take the guessing out of gifting, with our list of the best gifts for witches! Here you'll find a collection of unique suggestions to get all the witchy, new age, spiritual people in your life. Bonus?! Everything on this list comes from a small business!


It makes sense kryptonite was a crystal, because that’s is exactly what crystals are to witches! More than just pretty paperweights, crystals can do everything from helping us heal to blocking phone radiation to assisting with meditation. Crystals are having a huge moment, with everyone from Tiktok to your local moms group talking about their physical and spiritual benefits.

From a scientific standpoint, it makes sense crystals work, as they are forged within the Earth for hundreds or thousands of years before making it into human hands. All this time spent submerged in the Earth leads to a highly vibrational object, full of Earth’s potent energy. Aesthetically, crystals are super pretty and who doesn’t want more colorful, shiny things decorating their desk, room, and office?!

When buying crystals, I recommend buying from a trustworthy crystal dealer; one who ethically sources their pieces, and gives you a fair price for a quality stone. With the rise of #witchtok, it can be harder and harder to sort out the good from the bad, and so we are happy to recommend our good friend Meghan of Crystals, Crafts, & Care!

Full of loving energy, high quality pieces, and great customer service, Crystals, Crafts, & Care is one of our favorite small businesses. All of Meghan’s pieces are ethically sourced and harvested from family owned mines. When you shop with Crystals, Crafts, & Care, you know you’re supporting a sustainable brand. Shop crystals at, and be sure to check out her Instagram, where she hosts live sales!

Tarot Reading

One of the most fun and well known aspects of witchcraft is divination, so why not gift your witch a tarot reading?! During a reading, the reader will use a set of cards to answer your witch’s questions and bring insight into their future. What better way to help them usher in 2022, than with this unique gift? There are many great readers out there, so here are two we love and trust!

First, our Head Bruja In Charge Alexa, a lifelong witch and claircognizant reader. Alexa works with Mother Nature and your spirit guides to deliver a message that provides clarity and reassurance, while leaving you with the tools needed to move forward. She is particularly good for baby witches and those new to tarot, as her style is warm and friendly; her readings feel more like open conversations than a mysterious woman behind a crystal ball. For prerecorded readings click here, and for live Zoom readings click here.

Tarot readings make for great gifts for witches!
Divination allows us to see into the future - a great gift as we head into the New Year!

Looking for something a little more advanced? Check out our fave Salem witch Angelica Cresci’s Royal Flush reading! This reading is one-of-a-kind, as it is inspired by Texas Hold ‘Em, and uses playing cards in place of tarot! If that wasn’t cool enough, this reading is directly influenced by Hades, Greek God of Wealth and the Underworld! Angelica channels this powerful deity in order to guide you through transformation and change in the new year. Your witch will leave this reading feeling informed and sure of their path! Check out Angelica at!


One of the best gifts for witches, candles smell amazing, are pretty, create a warm inviting ambience, and can be a powerful tool!

Gift your witch the highest quality candles, when you purchase from The Bruja’s Tomb. Handmade with 100% soy wax and essential oils, and housed reusable glass jars; our candles are clean burning, naturally derived, and full of powerful energy! Available in 2 intentions: Cleanse & Protect and Love & Adoration. Each candle is topped with crystals and herbs aligned with their intentions. Cleanse & Protect features palo santo, white sage, black tourmaline, smokey quartz, and red jasper. Love & Adoration is topped with rose petals, orange peels, green aventurine and rose quartz. Bonus? Your witch gets to keep the crystals when the candle burns out! Read more about our powerful intention candles here and here!

Crystal candle, intention candle, antique candle, vintage candle, gift for witches
Candles make for beautiful and useful gifts for witches!

Buying for a lover of vintage? Check out Estelle’s Spells, a Brooklyn-based shop specializing in one-of-a-kind candles! Get 2 gifts for the price of one, as each candle comes housed in a reusable antique container! First, your witch burns a beautiful smelling candle that releases love and healing into their space. When the candle is finished, they simply clean it out and are left with a real vintage piece! Estelle’s candles come in everything from teacups to cookie jars, so be sure to check out her website to see them all!

Virtual Reiki

Heal the spirit this holiday season with a virtual reiki session! Great as a gift or for yourself, a virtual reiki session will leave one feeling relaxed and grounded during an otherwise busy time of year!

For those unfamiliar, Reiki is an alternative method of energy healing. It involves a trained practitioner healing a client’s energy by connecting to Source; the energy that connects all life! It is important to note that reiki is not a religious practice, and a person of any age, religion, gender, or belief can receive reiki healing. Reiki is just energy, and energy is something every single thing on this Earth has. Reiki can help with physical, emotional, or spiritual ailments, and is complimentary to all other healing methods, prescription or holistic.

When looking for a reiki healer, you will want to find someone who is experienced and trustworthy, as allowing someone to connect to your energy can be vulnerable. Luckily, we can recommend someone who is both! Mackenzie of Charmed Healing is one of our favorite virtual reiki practitioners! Mackenzie is Reiki Level II certified, and has a warm, friendly approach that is both healing and relaxing.

During your virtual session, you only have to log in and lay down, while listening to a relaxing soundtrack Mackenzie provides. She then does everything she would in an IRL session, only instead of working on your physical body, she works with an outline of a body. She then begins to connect to your energy and sends you cleansing and healing through the reiki flow. After, she performs an oracle card pull and shares any intuitive guidance she received during the session.

Reiki is an amazing gift as we navigate this busy, sometimes emotional, time of year. To book a session with Mackenzie, head to! To give as a gift, you can purchase a gift card here! Bonus: gift cards can be used for ANY Charmed Healing service, including virtual reiki, yoga classes, and readings!

Yoga Classes

This holiday season, consider giving the gift of health and wellness! Help the witch in your life heal from what may be a mentally, physically, or spiritually exhausting holiday season, with the gift of yoga. More than just exercise, yoga is healing to the mind, body, and spirit, leaving its practitioners feeling grounded and peaceful.

This holiday season help your loved ones find zen with Morgan Kennedy, one of our favorite yoga instructors! She offers both group and private virtual classes, meaning you can slip into one of her current classes, or get a little more personal with a 1:1 session. She also offers private group yoga sessions for friends, family, or any occasion!

Snag a gift certificate for your loved one, and leave Morgan to do the customizing! Simply purchase a gift certificate, and allow the recipient to discuss with Morgan their goals for the session! Morgan also specializes in meditation, mindfulness, and several styles of yoga, including restorative, chakra-based, vinyasa flow, and trauma informed. Learn more about Morgan's classes at For gift certificates, email!


We hope this list was helpful in you finding the best gifts for witches! Want to browse even more options? Check out our shop! We carry original macabre art, spooky gifts, witchy bath goods, gift bundles and more!

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