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Friends of The Tomb

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Morgan Kennedy Yoga

Looking for a full blown mind-body change? Check out our favorite yoga instructor Morgan Kennedy! Located in Bergen County, NJ this inspirational babe offers both Zoom and in-person classes! Morgan specializes in connecting the physical and mental bodies, to fully relax and destress you. The perfect instructor for people suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, cancer, or in recovery! Our personal favorite? Her chakra workshops!

Instagram: @morgankennedyyoga

Oil Paintings by Diana

Owned by professional oil painter and licensed art educator, Diana DiPrima, Oil Paintings By Diana is where she shares her works of art with you. Here you can find everything from portraits to still lives to her 'Intro to Oil Painting' blog! Using her education background, she aims to share her knowledge and experience with anyone looking to learn the craft. Want a gift that lasts a lifetime? Contact her for a custom piece! 

Instagram: @oilpaintingsbydiana

Pinterest: Oil Paintings By Diana

Zodiac Poetry Astrology

Based in Italy, Cristina Rombi is the witch, astrology consultant and Tarot reader behind Zodiac Poetry Astrology. Her practice is strongly rooted in the Hellenistic tradition; enriched by a modern,
counseling-oriented approach, largely informed by her academic background in Cultural Anthropology. We especially love her blog! Check it out for all things astrology.

Instagram: @zodiacpoetryastrology

Midnight Cauldron

Midnight Cauldron was manifested to inspire those who want to be true to themselves, by providing exceptional choices of impressive, beauteous clothing and accessories. It's hoped they are worn, displayed, and used with pride - in a resolute act of the magical side of one's nature. MC's wish is to hearten your legitimacy and decidedness of "coming out of the broom closet" without fear. Even if you are not a Witch, there are items on the site for those interested in mystical, magical, and astrological goods.

Instagram: @k.lee.witchery