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Rescue Dogs Are Magic!

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

The first design in our Fundraiser Collection, “RESCUE DOGS ARE MAGIC”, benefits Rebound Hounds, a 501c3 non profit focused on the rescue and rehabilitation of dogs in the Northeast US. Featuring Alexa’s own shelter alumni, Violet, rescued through Rebound Hounds in 2017. Additionally, we hope this design brings awareness to stigmatized bully breeds. Violet, with her friendly smiling face, is an American Staffordshire Terrier. Often incorrectly labelled a “pit bull”, this and other bully breeds are subject to higher euthanasia rates, breed specific legislation, and homelessness.

My personal journey in dog rescue began in 2010, when my mother held a fundraiser for our local shelter. My family has always been huge animal lovers, but it wasn’t until we rescued our first American Pit Bull Terrier, Coco, that we became advocates for this beautiful, misunderstood breed. Prior to having Coco, I knew nothing about “pit bulls”; I just knew I had a new puppy, and she was the cutest thing I had ever seen. It wasn’t until I started telling friends about my sweet, shy baby, that I learned of the unjust stigma bullies face. Impassioned by this, my family and I have become advocates and fosters for these wonderful dogs.

Since adopting Coco, we have fostered and rescued 8 dogs, including my best friend Violet. Found tied to a park bench with her sister, Rhea, in the middle of February, our Violet was extremely sick. She was in heat, had an upper respiratory infection, a yeast infection, her paws were covered in sores, and she had clearly been in a fight at some point. The animal control officers approached with caution, as they had been called about “two vicious pit bulls” loose in the park. Despite being in such bad shape, the officers found the sisters to be extremely friendly and sweet.

Without a second thought, Rebound Hounds stepped in and pulled these two sickly pups. Covering all medical expenses, they found both of these girls amazing forever homes. Without Rebound, Violet and Rhea’s story could’ve ended very differently. “Pit bull type” dogs face an estimated 93% euthanasia rate upon entering a shelter. Adding sickness to an already hard to adopt out breed, they likely would’ve both been put down.

By purchasing our “RESCUE DOGS ARE MAGIC” design, you help Rebound Hounds rescue and rehabilitate dogs all over the Northeast US. Since their inception in 2010, Rebound Hounds has saved over 2000 dogs. 100% of donations go directly to dogs in need, with no one pulling a salary. You can learn more about them by clicking here.

Please, consider rescuing, fostering, or donating. There is no love like that of a dog who’s life you’ve saved. Coco, Violet, and I thank you in advance.

Alexa Branco


In memory of Coco, who taught me how sweet and gentle a pit bull can be. I still love you as much as the day you departed. Your time with us may have ended, but you live on through our rescue work.


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