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Your local New Jersey metaphysical shop,  The Bruja’s Tomb is a one stop shop for original macabre art, spooky gifts, witchy bath goods and gift bundles. Our bruja store is an occult market extraordinaire, full of mystical and ghastly gifts for all. Come closer and see for yourself...

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We now offer international shipping! However, we CANNOT ship any liquid items internationally. We are sorry for the inconvenience!

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Spanish f (plural brujas, masc. brujo, masc. plural brujos)

1. witch, sorceress

2. woman who practices magic

Brujeria is a form of witchcraft used in indigenous Latin American populations. Spiritual practices of brujeria are also found in African and Caribbean cultures. To embody and exist as a "bruja" is to bring heritage and mysticism together to form a powerful and connecting practice from our past to the modern age.  

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