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All About: 'Cleanse and Protect'

Hello, witches! Welcome back to The Bruja’s Tomb. This week, I’ve decided to give a bit more insight into our first line of products, the “Cleanse and Protect” collection. I will let you know how I came up with them, how I use them, and what other ways they can be used!

First, our ‘Cleanse and Protect Spray’. I came up with this spray after staying in a haunted Airbnb in upstate NY. When I’m not being witchy, I’m a professional makeup artist, and so I was upstate on a few day long movie shoot. I was staying at an Airbnb booked for me by production, and thus under someone else’s name. The second I walked in there, I felt uneasy. You know that feeling? When you just walk in and suddenly feel a bit of dread deep in your gut? Not necessarily going to posses me in my sleep, but there might be a shadow in the corner watching me? Yeah, not fun. However, anyone who’s burned sage knows it can smell a *bit* like cannabis, and so not wanting to get my lovely director in trouble, I had to get creative. And thus, this spray was born!

I use by spritzing around my room or self whenever I feel stagnant or low-vibration energy. For added power, you can choose to state your intentions aloud or to yourself as you’re spraying in large sweeping motions. I find the motion helps to literally break up the energies! As well, open a window before spraying. It helps to give those energies a place to leave out of, rather than chasing them in circles around your room!

Secondly, the ‘Cleansing Salt’. The exact same stay inspired this multi-purpose salt! Looking for an additional barrier of protection, I whipped this salt up right before leaving for the shoot. I had no idea I would actually need it, but I always like to bring a lil “Witch Kit” with me when I’m staying somewhere. Luckily I did, because I ended up using this to line the doorway and windowsills of my room! This forms kind of a protective seal around your room, leaving no entryways open to malevolent spirits. Alternatively, I also like to use this salt as a bath soak. Just add a few tablespoons to your bath, and allow the salt to cleanse both body and spirit. For an even more literal cleansing, the salt can be used as a body scrub. You can use alone, or mix 1 tbsp of oil to every 2 tbsp of salt. We recommend grapeseed, almond, or jojoba oil!

Lastly, the ‘Protection Crystal Set’. You guys might start to notice a theme here, as this item was also created as a result of a deeply haunted Airbnb. This time in Gettysburg, I went into the stay KNOWING it was haunted. In fact, that was the entire reason I booked it. My lifelong fear of ghosts has always held me back psychically. I once had a Reiki healer inform me that my Third Eye is not blocked, but my Root chakra is. This causes me to reach a kind of plateau in my abilities, as I’m not fully able to see beyond the veil because of it. (Separate blog post? Yes!) So I decided to finally confront the fear and stay in the most haunted place I could find: a Civil War battlefield hospital. Yes, I am White. Yes, I am an idiot. Yes, I would die in the horror comedy that is my life. Long story short, my fear of ghosts has tripled and I would perhaps rather die than go back there. (Once again, separate blog post? Yes!)

But! On the bright side, these were the crystals I brought with me and man did they WORK! Despite their very loud 3am attempts, not a single spirit was able to cross into my circle. I remained terrified, but safe! Yay, crystals! Since then, these 3 babies have become my go-to. They’re strong, they work, and they’re low-key one of my favorite color schemes! For their individual descriptions, check out their product page!

I hope this trip through my wild spiritual life was both enlightening and entertaining! If so, give us a <3 and a comment!

Stay Spooky,

Alexa Branco


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