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Protection Crystal Set

Protection Crystal Set

SKU: 1003

A curated set of crystals aimed to protect you and your surroundings from evil: earth-dwelling or spiritual. The specific stones were used by our HBIC while staying overnight at a Civil War battlefield hospital. Long story short, the spirits there were NOT happy, and she had to cast a circle to protect herself throughout the night. These crystals kept the spirits at bay until daybreak, not letting a single soul into the room she was staying. 


As well as spiritually protecting you, these stones are also some of the most highly recommended for protecting the physical body against EMF radiation given off by electronics. Phone cases have begun to be created using crystals such as Black Tourmaline, due to their ability to absorb electromagnetic radiation.

  • Set Includes

    Black Tourmaline

    • Physical: blocks EMFs given off by technology, helps circulation, powerful mental healer
    • Metaphysical: purifying, absorbs negative energy, grounding, provides cloak of protection

    Smokey Quartz

    • Physical: cleansing and detoxifying electronic smog, pain relief, detoxification at all levels
    • Metaphysical: clears negativity, guards against dark forces, heals fears, opens the path to wisdom

    Red Jasper

    • Physical: captures electromagnetic smog, detoxing, strengthening circulatory system
    • Metaphysical: strength during times of stress, healing and protecting the root chakra, spiritual awakenings, courage
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