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Signature Spray Bundle

Signature Spray Bundle

Our signature spray bundle features our #1 best selling ‘Cleanse & Protect Spray’, ‘Love & Adoration Spray’, and our BRAND NEW 'Money Magnet Spray'! Save $5 with the bundle!


Cleanse & Protect Spray: Our 4 oz ‘Cleanse & Protect Spray’ was created when our HBIC stayed in a haunted Airbnb, but was unable to smoke cleanse the house due to fire restrictions. Perfect for you or your space, this dual purpose spray cleanses negative energy while protecting against future toxicity thrown your way! Made with filtered, charged moon water for extra healing and protective properties!


Love & Adoration Spray: Call in LOVE in all its forms: romantic, self, or friendship with this potent aura spray. Charged under the Super Flower Blood Moon, the rosewater base is ULTRA powerful. Handmade with roses gifted to HBIC Alexa by her partner, it is infused with true loving energies. Made with lavender, orange, and patchouli essential oils; the calming, yet energizing scent grounds you in the belief you are worthy and deserving of love. 4oz


Money Magnet Spray: Wealth, money, prosperity, abundance; invoke their energies with this energetically charged 4oz spray. Made with allspice, basil, ginger, cinnamon, clove, and bay leaf; this intoxicating spicy mist attracts abundance and creates opportunity. Multifunctional, use it as a room, body, or linen mist.

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