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Welcome to The Bruja's Tomb

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

My whole life I have been called to witchcraft. From a young girl scouring through books on the Salem Witch Trials, to an adult woman coming into her true power, my journey with the art of witchcraft has been long.

So it should come as no surprise that I felt called to open this shop. I’m being honest when I say that the idea to start The Bruja’s Tomb literally just came to me. I was in meditation a few weeks ago, in the final part of a particularly difficult ritual I was doing, when the next chapter of my life suddenly flew open. I’d found my calling; to spread love and good through the art of witchcraft.

But make no mistake, my use of the word “witchcraft” is likely very different from the Satanic Hollywood nightmare you’re probably picturing. My personal beliefs have been formed through a Roman Catholic upbringing, a Spiritualist mother, Wicca, and my firsthand experiences. I’ve questioned and I’ve researched; I’ve gone to a pagan séance, and I’ve considered converting to Judaism. Throughout all of this, I have found one uniting truth: nature. Wether you believe in God, Allah, The Goddess, or any other Higher Power, nature is the constant uniting factor, and the ultimate representation of the Universe’s infinite power.

I may have already lost you, but it’s all a detailed way of saying that here at The Bruja’s Tomb, you don’t have to be any specific religion or spirituality to love our shop! You just have to be kind to others and our beautiful planet.

As well, The Bruja’s Tomb extends way beyond being a spiritual shop! Upcoming drops include tote bags, apparel, stickers, tea blends, and new content platforms! We have a lot of exciting stuff planned, and I cannot wait to share it with you all. Welcome to my spooky, gothic, antique, witchy world!

Stay spooky,

Alexa Branco


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