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Virgo season has arrived!

Hello, witches! Welcome back to The Bruja’s Tomb. Today is August 23, aka the first day of the most important season of the year, Virgo season! Now I may be a little biased, but I wanted to share with you all about the spirit of Virgo, and hopefully inspire you to bring some of this amazing, productive energy into your own life!

Growing up, I never believed in the Zodiac. My idea of it was limited to the vague horoscopes of tabloids, with their inaccurate descriptions of Virgo as a clean-freak wallflower. I am a Virgo, born September 10, and something I am absolutely not is a wallflower. To quote an ex, I am “intimidating, emasculating, and aggressive”. So perhaps you might see how Cosmo’s description was a ~little~ hard for me to agree with. On I went with not believing in it, until one day I learned that Freddie Mercury is a Virgo. A commanding, dominating, extroverted, artist; that is who I am! Suddenly, my sun sign made more sense. I went on to learn that Beyonce, Hermione Granger, and the infamous Voodoo witch Marie Laveau are all Virgos as well.

Intelligent, perfectionist, practical, patient, and loyal; these are some of Virgo’s most dominant traits. An evolved Virgo is your itinerary master, list maker, and calendar checker. They are some of the best leaders, and will achieve success in whatever they do. Sure of themselves and their talents, they know what they want and they will get it. A Virgo in business is tenacious; they have a vision, and they will see it through.

During this season, try tapping into this powerful, productive energy! Start a new project, make that call you’ve been avoiding, finally organize your desk! You will find life and it’s energies start to flow more freely, as you begin to get stuff done. By clearing out your “to do list”, you make room for new and positive energy. You must get rid of the past in order to make way for the future, and Virgo season is the PERFECT time for that! This time is all about cleansing, new beginnings, organization, and success.

Try to spend a bit of time researching famous Virgos to find some inspiration for this season! My personal recommendation? Listen to Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop me Now”. NOTHING gets me inspired and ready for the next obstacle like Virgo king Freddie Mercury telling me I can do anything.

Welcome to Virgo season, now let’s pull your life together!

Stay spooky,

Alexa Branco


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