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Tarot 101: Intro to Tarot Class

Tarot 101: Intro to Tarot Class

With so much information out there, learning tarot can be overwhelming! In this 2 hour class Alexa, High Priestess of Mother Nature, will guide you through the ancient art of cartomancy.


Learning tarot is a fun way to connect with yourself, the universe, and others! After this class, you will feel comfortable pulling and interpreting cards for yourself and others. Some things we will cover include:

- Tarot vs Oracle cards

- Finding your deck

- Cleansing/charging

- Spreads and reversals

- Suit Correspondences (Wands, Pentacles, Swords, Cups)

- Intuitive reading techniques


What makes this different from other tarot classes?

Don’t expect a boring lecture here, Alexa’s teaching style is full of funny anecdotes and interesting tips. You’ll be genuinely entertained while learning Alexa’s unique and intuitive approach to tarot. Fun fact: Alexa has aphantasia (a blank mind’s eye), so you can expect to learn tips that go beyond clairvoyance!


The class will be delivered as a clickable link on a pdf. Once you purchase, the document will be shown to download. The link to the class will be clickable on this pdf.

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