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Love & Adoration Bundle

Love & Adoration Bundle

Our ‘Love & Adoration Bundle’ features both products from the collection: Love & Adoration Spray and Love & Adoration Salt. Save $5 with the bundle!


Love & Adoration Spray: Call in LOVE in all its forms: romantic, self, or friendship with this potent aura spray.  Charged under the Super Flower Blood Moon, the rosewater base is ULTRA powerful. Handmade with roses gifted to HBIC Alexa by her partner, it is infused with true loving energies. Made with lavender, orange, and patchouli essential oils; the calming, yet energizing scent grounds you in the belief you are worthy and deserving of love. 4oz


Love & Adoration Salt: This 100% Dead Sea salt is filled with rose petals, orange peels, and essential oils. Calming and supportive, use it in the ultimate self love bath. Our favorite way to use it? In rituals! Use as an offering, in spell jars, or add to water and spritz as a gentle cleansing spray. Get creative! When love is involved, anything is possible. 8oz

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