Cleanse & Protect Bundle

Cleanse & Protect Bundle

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Featured in The Wall Street Journal! Our ‘Cleanse & Protect Bundle’ features all 3 products from our best-selling collection: Cleansing Salt, Cleanse & Protect Spray, and Protection Crystal Set. Save $7 with the bundle!


Cleansing Salt: as created to cleanse both spirit and body of negativity, toxicity, and ill will. This all-natural, alcohol-free salt can be used in any manner that feels right to you! Add to a bath, use as a body scrub, cast a circle, or use in a ritual.


Cleanse & Protect Spray: Created when our HBIC stayed in a haunted Airbnb, but was unable to smoke cleanse the house due to fire restrictions. Perfect for you or your space, this dual purpose spray cleanses negative energy while protecting against future toxicity thrown your way! Shake *gently* before spraying! Made without preservatives, so the oils separate! 4oz


Protection Crystal Set: A curated set of crystals aimed to protect you and your surroundings from evil: earth-dwelling or spiritual. In addition to protecting from negative energies, these stones are also some of the best for protecting the physical body against EMF radiation given off by electronics.